Oxo Carbon Credit Exchange

Oxo-CCX is a private exchange and marketplace which will facilitate the trading of high-quality, premium carbon credit offsets.

Oxo-CCX provides a platform for corporates to address unavoidable carbon emissions during the transition to a low carbon based economy.  Oxo-CCX has been created to help scale the Voluntary Carbon Credit Market.  The investment in carbon credit offsets will lead to the development of many new carbon credit projects, with a particular focus on defending our natural carbon sinks including the world’s rainforests.

The carbon credits sold on the Oxo-CCX platform will also serve to address the very real risk of biodiversity loss and help generate co-benefits by investing in the needs and future of the local forest communities.

Oxo-CCX will be headquartered in Ireland which is already an International financial hub with a trusted regulatory environment and legal framework.

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One of the largest professional service firms in the world will provide the technology ecosystem to enhance the transparency and integrity of the carbon credits traded on Oxo-CCX.

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